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Death Alley and
the Old City Jail

Visitors can walk the same path taken by the Daltons in 1892 as they attempted to rob two banks simultaneously. Markers show the location of the three Coffeyville citizens who were killed during the raid north of Isham Hardware.
Also in Death Alley you will see the Old City Jail which has replicas of the Daltons as they were laid out following their death. Three of the Daltons were killed in the alley while the fourth died while attempting to flee Coffeyville.​Across the street from Death Alley visitors will find the Perkins building, one of the most recognizable buildings in Coffeyville. It was the home of Condon Bank, one of two banks that the infamous Dalton Gang attempted to rob in 1892.  A popular photo opportunity is to pose behind the teller's window.​
Did you know that the ICEE was invented in Coffeyville? Stop by the Chamber of Commerce to get and ICEE!

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